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“I Got My Permanent Makeup Done by Someone Else and I Didn’t Keep Any Color!”

Several times a month, I get phone calls from women who have been worked on by someone else (or in some cases, by more than one other technician) asking me, “why did I not keep my Permanent Makeup? Where did my color go?” I can hear the frustration (and sometimes desperation) in their voices. They’ve spent time and money, they’re not seeing results, they’re irritated and they want answers and a solution.

I try to be informative and careful when speaking with these gals, and I’ll be honest, one of the things that’s always in the back of my mind is, “did she really keep no color at all? Or is she comparing the healed ink (which is always much...

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Groupon & Permanent Makeup

About once a month, one of my clients, friends or family members gleefully comes up with the notion that I should offer a Permanent Makeup Groupon. I always patiently explain why I have never, and will never, offer a Daily Deal for my services.

While these deals are great for businesses looking to attract new patrons/clients in the hopes that they will regularly return (restaurants and service providers who do quick and inexpensive services), they are horrible for practitioners who perform lengthy, specialty treatments...

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Eyebrow Hair Stroke Simulation

While some are still just discovering Permanent Makeup, others have been contemplating getting something done but are concerned about all of the “bad work” walking around out there. In an effort to avoid being the next victim of an unfortunate Permanent Makeup job, many are doing lots of research before they go (and justifiably so!).

One technique that is getting lots of attention lately is the “3D Eyebrow...

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Sun Damage “Spot Management”

While most of us here in Southern California are accustomed to keeping watch for moles that could be cancerous, it’s a good idea to have a “full body scan” once a year by an expert. Not to mention, in talking with my clients every day about these types of things, I’ve learned that time and time again people were surprised that certain spots turned up cancerous when checked by a doctor.

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My First Experience Floating

If you’re an avid reader of my blogs, you will surely have noticed that I love checking out holistic health remedies. In fact, when any ailment of any type surfaces for me, it’s my holistic remedies I turn to first, and I adore adding new ones to my arsenal.

So I joyfully accepted the invitation to come “float” in a sensory-deprivation tank for an hour with my client (and newest BFF) Nicole, in the name of attaining more peace in my life… and seconds later, I bombarded her with zillions of questions. “How...

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