Celebrating My Amazing Career

Celebrating My Amazing Career

In September of 2017, I quietly celebrated doing Permanent Makeup since 2004. I studied to be an English teacher, fell into Public Relations… and I do makeup. My Mom always told me that I’d “fall into a career,” and I did… but I think this one picked me.

This crazy career of mine has blossomed from doing brows, eyeliner and lips on women… to helping people recover from very traumatic and life-changing experiences, including trichotillomania (an abnormal desire to pull out one’s hair); alopecia (an autoimmune disorder that causes sudden and total loss of hair); and vitiligo (an incurable pigmentation disorder).

In 13 years, I’ve reconstructed brows on a woman viciously attacked by a dog, another one who endured a horrific roll-over car accident, and a mommy who opened the radiator cap. I’ve helped clients regrow hair on their scalp after sustaining injuries like my client who dove into a pool and skinned her head near the front of her scalp and a police officer who lost hair in the same spot due to being hit on the head with a gun. In the last two years, I have been called to help women who have gone through mastectomy after breast cancer, simulating nipples and areolas for them after theirs were taken. I cannot express how deeply humbled I am by all of my clients’ life experiences, and I am so incredibly thankful that I’m able to help them feel better about themselves as they continue to heal and move forward.

When asked what I do for work, I never quite know how to answer. I’m a makeup artist. My work days are spent similar to an artist painting with a toothpick – but instead of canvas, I paint on the face and body, creating lasting designs with the amazing art made possible through micropigmentation. The most rewarding part of my work is that as a result of these designs, many of my clients cry – in good ways! They cry tears of joy after accomplishing something that they never thought possible. And I cry with them, grateful that this career picked me.

Kimberly Armstrong is an Award-Winning Permanent Makeup Artist; SeneGence Distributor (long-lasting cosmetics and revolutionary anti-aging products); Glamour Makeup Artist (individual and group application/instruction); Beauty Secrets Speaker (group classes, seminars and women’s events); and owner of Beauty Hideaway, a makeup clinic in Southern California devoted to beautification. For more information, call or text 949-466-0080.