Eyebrow Hair Stroke Simulation

While some are still just discovering Permanent Makeup, others have been contemplating getting something done but are concerned about all of the “bad work” walking around out there. In an effort to avoid being the next victim of an unfortunate Permanent Makeup job, many are doing lots of research before they go (and justifiably so!).

One technique that is getting lots of attention lately is the “3D Eyebrow Technique,” where a skilled technician can simulate tiny hairs to give the appearance of a more realistic-looking, full eyebrow. It is indeed a beautiful technique, but here are a few things you should know:

1) Hair strokes work best on women with dark hair and light skin. Imagine drawing a line on a manila sheet of paper with a yellow crayon: it is impossible to achieve the appearance of a hair stroke on a fair-skinned blonde, unless she wants dark eyebrows… and she has light skin.

2) For those with the dark hair and light skin who are candidates for this procedure, keep in mind that a hair stroke is created using just one tiny needle (as opposed to the tighter needle configuration of 3-5 needles normally used to simulate a brow), which means the ink is delicately resting in the dermal layer of the skin, forcing you to return more often for touch-ups.

3) Most importantly, when you return for those touch-ups, the technician needs to make sure that the new ink is placed precisely where the previous ink was placed, otherwise the stroke gets diffused and no longer looks like a crisp little hair. This is the part that the technicians promoting this technique fail to tell you!

4) Lastly, it’s mandatory that you do not have any blood-thinning medication or blood thinning-agents, such as coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, fish oil, aspirin, etc., before one of these procedures, otherwise your skin will bleed and diffuse the pigment.

Because of the inherent complications producing and retaining hair strokes (as mentioned above), I have devised a system that combines several techniques (including hair strokes) to create natural-looking, long-lasting eyebrows for the majority of my clients (that they absolutely love). In some instances, I do create just hair strokes (as shown in the photo here), because each and every one of my clients brings her own unique bone structure and needs to our session. Your pallet dictates the design that we create together.

If you cannot see me for Permanent Makeup, but are considering one of these procedures, I highly encourage you to look closely (ZOOM) at the technician’s before and after photos. Make sure they represent the actual work of the technician that you will be seeing, not stock photography that has been purchased or images that have been altered through Photoshop. It’s also wise to ask for references, or check the technician’s reviews on www.yelp.com.

Kimberly Armstrong is an Award-Winning Permanent Makeup Artist; SeneGence Distributor (long-lasting cosmetics and revolutionary anti-aging products); Glamour Makeup Artist (individual and group application/instruction); Beauty Secrets Speaker (group classes, seminars and women’s events); and owner of Beauty Hideaway, a makeup clinic in Southern California devoted to beautification. For more information, call or text 949-466-0080.