My Two Cents on the Essential Oil Obsession

My Two Cents on the Essential Oil Obsession

It seems that everyone is obsessed with essential oils lately. Everywhere I go, someone is either talking about the uses of the oils, selling the oils or trying out the oils. And over the last year, I have been approached by dozens of women looking for me to try their essential oils in the hopes that I will sell them at Beauty Hideaway. I listened to each of their presentations, went to classes, looked over their materials and smelled the oils… which were always heavenly… but I didn’t believe in my heart that any of it would really work to heal anything as all of them claimed. I thought it was all marketing hype and wrote it all off as the latest craze in holistic health… and plus, I had a whole bunch of other things on my plate to deal with.

One of the gals who has worked for me for the last few years became a DoTERRA rep and she was sharing the health benefits of the oils with me and the girls at my office one day, stating that she really felt that they had helped her and her family with some serious issues. She piqued our curiosity, so I bought the “Physician’s Kit” thinking we would play with it and test out the healing properties of those oils. And after two months of putting them to the test with real health issues that each of us encountered during that time period, we too are now obsessed with those oils!

Here’s an overview of our experience using the various oils in this particular kit:

  • Slim & Sassy: this is the special metabolic blend that comes as a bonus with the Physician’s Kit. We absolutely love the taste – it gives us a day-at-the-spa feeling. Although none of us have noticed weight loss (which is often reported from others who drink this), we love the fact that it’s helping us detox with every sip, and it tastes so good it makes us want to drink more water – and that’s always a good thing!
  • Lavendar: I put a few drops on a cotton round and give it to some of my nervous Permanent Makeup clients to sniff before their procedures – it makes them sleepy and calm. And speaking of calm, I rubbed some of the lavender on my chest before a big speaking engagement recently and I really felt more relaxed… although there was a margarita bar there too that helped.
  • Breathe: I use this on clients who become congested after my eyebrow and eyeliner Permanent Makeup procedures – they all love it because it smells amazing and really works to open up the sinuses and help you… breath! Also, one day one of Amy’s clients had a coughing spell while she was getting her lashes done. We put Breathe on her throat and chest and she did not have even one more cough after that!
  • Peppermint, Frankencinse and Lavendar: Amy gets headaches from time-to-time due to sitting in the same spot doing her amazing lash extension treatments – she swears by this combination, which she reports makes her headaches go away within minutes.
  • DeepBlue and DigestZen: Charlie had really bad menstrual cramps one day and used this combination to feel better almost immediately.
  • Peppermint: We love to inhale this deeply when we get sleepy around 3pm each day. Since Amy and I work so close to our clients, we put a drop on our tongues to freshen our breath before starting a new procedure.
  • Deep Blue: we love to rub this on our necks and backs when we have muscle stiffness and soreness. We are looking forward to trying out the cream version of this product soon.
  • OnGuard: this immunity booster has worked wonders for me in warding off the two colds that my 13-year-old son picked up at school.
  • Lemon and Hot Water: my son loved drinking this when he was sick, as it soothed his sore throat like nothing else.
  • Oregano: I put this on the bottom of his feet at night to boost his immunity and help him get over those colds more quickly.
  • Lemon and Melaleuca: I was booked solid with clients and unable to get to the doctor for a very uncomfortable urinary tract infection. I really did not believe that this combination would do anything for me… but I tried it nonetheless, thinking it would perhaps help a little until I could get to the doctor. With each passing day, that uncomfortable feeling lessened until the UTI was entirely gone.

But don’t take our word for it! Try out the oils for yourself! ORDER NOW at

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Health and wellness advocate (and DoTERRA junkie), Kimberly Armstrong, is the owner of Beauty Hideaway, a unique retreat devoted to beautification in Laguna Hills where she does Permanent Makeup. Kimberly also teaches a variety of makeup classes geared towards groups of girlfriends who want to learn the basics of makeup application or more advanced techniques in a fun group setting. For more information, call 949-916-7995.